Open Pong Tournament!

Last thursday, October 16, the ID Department hosted a Ping Pong paddle making tournament. There were a variety of paddles that students thought up. Here’s a few photos from the event.         Thanks to all grads and undergrads who came out to this event!

LEGO Workshop

              Explore analog and digital modes of learning & to hear more about the upcoming Lego studios! Saturday, October 18that 10 – 1 in the Chace Center.  SIGN UP HERE:


Bring a Paddle of your own design. Pray for Glory.

Open Pong

Senior Studio Workshop | Tuesday October 14th, 2014

Senior Studio Workshop will take place next Tuesday October 14th, 2014 from 11:30am to 12:30pm in Room 600 Soojung Ham and Andy Law will be showing some visual examples, there will be Q&A for proposals and schedules.  


Greycork – A Boston Start-up

Creating better furniture, improving U.S. manufacturing. Wondering what exactly this slogan mean? It’s time to check out Greycork, a Boston start-up co-founded by one of our very own ID alumnus, Alec Babala ID’14.  Greycork aims at offering high-quality solid wood furnitures at extraordinary price (also no shipping fee, says the company). It all began when John…

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Sangho Kim at Panasonic Avionics

We’re excited to hear back from Sangho Kim  ID’13, who is currently working at Panasonic Avionics as an Industrial Design Engineer. He will be sharing with us some of his experience working in the aviation industry as well as some advices on living the post-RISD life. Check out the extensive interview below.   ——— 1. Can you…

RISD CS_codedrop01_web

Code Drop: DMI Patching with PD

DMI (Digital Music Instrument) patching with Pd 6:30pm, Wednesday, October 8 Shawn Greenlee will be hosting a Code Drop on patching with Pd (Pure Data) to create Digital Music Instruments (DMIs). Come learn about programming and designing computer-based systems for sound art and music performance. Shawn will go over the basics of Pd, an open…


Midnights #1

We all know RISD never sleeps. That includes those of us who inhabit 161 South Main. What keeps our lights turned on? What keeps us up late through the night? Our new series, “Midnights” will offer you a glimpse into that mystery. Subject #1: Anthony Peer, Junior “I’m working on my Typography and Branding work. I’ve created my…


Ruth Dusseault: Makers in the Woods

Frustrated by the corporate chokeholds of resource control and planned obsolescence, some millennials are combining new technologies with radical primitivism to purport a vision of economic equity. Ruth Dusseault recently began documenting these makers in the woods while working on a six-year national survey of homemade recreational battlefields, Play War – published through UC Berkeley…