4 Construction Industry Trend This Year

The construction industry is growing. Every year the trend of this industry changes to some extent. Here are the trends we expect this year.

Shortage of skilled labour

During the recession period, a significant portion of skilled employees left the industry and never came back. The construction companies are having a tough time finding the right employees to work at all levels. The construction industry is struggling to appeal the younger generation.

 Prefabrication or offsite construction methods will become prominent

Prefabrication or offsite construction is an alternative building method that provides reduced construction time, cost savings and less waste. As companies have a hard time to stick to schedules, they prefer prefabrication.

Carefulness in project selection

Due to the recession and labour problems, construction companies are becoming more cautious about the projects they undertake. They now look closely at the number of projects and size of the projects they can handle before committing to anything.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and increased use of technology

BIM provides lots of benefits to the construction companies, and so they are adopting it. BIM can provide more consistent, accurate and generate documents quickly.

More emphasis on green building

Companies now want to make environmentally friendly structures. Many homeowners are remodelling their homes by installing double glazing windows, energy efficient appliances, etc.

These trends will be prevalent this year in the construction industry. It is expected that the construction industry will grow this year as well.

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