Top 5 Construction Project Management Software

The trend of the construction industry is positive. All kinds of construction works will increase between 5% and 15%. The employment opportunity in this sector will also grow. Construction project management software (CPM) helps the construction managers in completing the construction projects comfortably and within schedule. It can automate various administration tasks and facilitate in planning and scheduling works. Here are the five software that is important in completing the construction projects.

1. WorkflowMax

It is a job, invoice and t
ime management software that is delivered as Software-as-a-Service. It has tools for sales leads, initiations, implementation, and billing phases. It is priced at user per month basis. It can be scaled according to the business needs. This software is ideal for architects, engineers and construction professionals.

2. Procore

It is a cloud-based CPM software. It is designed especially for the construction industry. It uses one-page project dashboard where the user can manage multiple projects and monitor their progress. There is change order system and drawing management tool. You only need to pay a flat rate annually to get this software.

3. BuildTools

It is a web-based CPM software that manages project schedule, communication, budget, tasks, etc. It is useful for remodelers and is designed for managing custom projects. If there are any scheduling conflicts, then the builder will know about it. You have to pay a flat monthly rate for this software.

4. Co-construct

It is a mobile and web-based CPM software for remodelers, custom builders and design-build firms. Using this software, you can make changes in a project easily. It has a calendar feature that helps in coordinating schedules and making sure that deadlines are met. The plan starts at $99 every month.

5. BuilderTREND

It is a cloud-based and award-winning home builder and remodeler CPM software. It supports a pre-sale process like proposal generation, lead management, bid management, etc. It has time sheets, scheduling, accounting software integrations, and more. Pricing of the software starts at $99 per month.

Growth in the construction industry is inevitable this year and the next. This software can help you complete a project on time. It also makes the works of the project managers comfortable.